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Returning to the workforce from a long hiatus….

Posted by andriantoangkadirjo85 on March 10, 2011

Hi, how’re you guys ? Hope everything’s fine. As long as we’re always be aware & be prepare, life will be much more easier, more pleasant to live.

This time I’m sharing about my job-experiences which I believe have some values deserve to be share.

Ok, after graduated from school of pharmacy in 1992 & got title in pharmacy as an apotheker, I got a job as a staff in QC at PT. Bernofarm Indonesia, Sidoarjo. I was given an assignment to take care of new drug registration to the government. Also to standardize the raw material using instruments such as UV & IR Spectrophotometry, HPLC. Because of personal matter & without deep consideration, after 8 month, I quit ! Then, I went to Bandung to find a job there. After 2 weeks there, I was hired by PT. Sanbe Farma as an assistan manager in production. It was no. 1 in ethical market share in Indonesia. Here, I learned about production. They made all kinds of preparations, including tablet, coated-tablet, syrup, dry-syrup, semi-solid,  injection etc. Most of them were fast-moving items. It was a prestigious position at that time. After 4 months, something happened! Then, I quit. This time, I thought I was a bit lucky. I got the job immediately in Jakarta, at PT. Triyasa Nagamas Farma. The factory was located at Pulogadung Industrial Estate. I was also hired as assistant to production manager. A good job, actually. But I was still not aware of everything that was happened. They produced contraception pills. The product was specialized but the facility was very good. They used closed/continuous process. My last assignment was to supervise the commissioning process of the blister machine which was just bought from German. Again in the count of months, I resigned again. Not really aware what was really happened. From the time I worked at PT. Bernofarm and the last job interval was not more than 2 years, may be just 15 months…… Then, I returned to Surabaya. It was about 1994 and found job at PT. Dasa Esa Farma. Because of my experiences, I could handle the factory. They produced mainly sterile preps, eg. injection, eye-drops. This time, I could stay almost 1 year ( A RECORD ), until early 1995. Then, I was resigned because the factory moved to Gresik.  Suddenly, I decided to start my own business. Without deep consideration about the capital, prospect, experiences, etc I joined with a friend to open an apotek. The location was at Pondok Tjandra Estate, Sidoarjo. The name was ANDRIAN FARMA. It was May 1995. At first, the business was good. The cash flow was good also. I was as PSA and APA. There were also 2 assistant & 2 receptur. Not until the year 1998, when there was an economy recession. After that, practically my apotek couldn’t stand the burden. Moreover about the tax problem. After hold out the situation, finally in 2002 I closed the apotek (after 7 years). At this point, I thought I still didn’t aware what was going on. The next 7 years periode even worse. I decided not to work in pharmacy but in finance, because I thought the money was good. I started to sell investment products instead of those pharmacy things. I spent almost 7 years in investment things until 2009. Honestly, there was a good-periode where I could earn good cash from the commission, but finally I lost everything. Depressed, hurt, confused, I decided not to waste my time again. I wanted to back to pharmacy. But there was a huge obstacle this time. I was 43 years old, I had wasted almost 14 years (from 1995-2009). Most of the job requirement specified the age not more than 30 years old.. At last, after persistent effort, in April 2010, I got a job as Apotheker in a cosmetic industry. A field in pharmacy I never imagined to be deal before ( I expected to back in pharmaceutical industry or apotek ). I started from ZERO because I had left the pharmacy science for almost 14 years. I had NOTHING in my mind about cosmetics. But thanks to the INTERNET. They provide everything. So everyday I tried to catch up my retarded knowledge in pharmacy science mostly in cosmetology. Right now, in 2011, a year later, I had focused almost a year in cosmetic things. Thanks to God! Hopefully, with all of the experiences before, I hope I can focus, persisten, perseverant and success.

andriantoangkadirjo85  bottom line

– If the family DOESN’T HAVE business, tell our children to go school (get extra skill),  learn well, graduated with cum laude. Then find a good job, be patient, persisten , perseverance and succees in the job. Get a good salary, make savings. After get the experiences, got savings & have enterpreneurship, tell to start own business. Actually THIS IS THE PATTERN RIGHT NOW TO SUCCESS. ( a bit different from the 60’s – 70’s periode).

– This is important that SOMEONE GET SOMEONE ELSE TO TELL, especially children got from their parents. If not, may be the situation will be the same with me. NOT AWARE OF EVERYTHING. Until evertything has GONE WORST.


So what do you thingk ? If you have experience pls write down your thought. If you just aware after read this article, pls left comment too.


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