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My first Project : Copy a foundation product

Posted by andriantoangkadirjo85 on March 18, 2011

Hi all,

This is the product I’d been assigned to make a copy..

Well, this is just like a dream. After a long hiatus, you know the story…right, today finally I get back to the work to do my first project, copy a foundation product. It is a cream foundation.

Above are photos of the frugal lab where I made some experiments today, trying to copy a foundation product.

Here’s just the steps I made to try to copy a cosmetic product :

1. Find a Sample, so I can know exactly the characteristics of the product, that is the appearance, texture, color, odor. We can find the sample in the department store, drugstore or online-shopping (,,,, etc).

2. Find the List Of Ingredients (LOI), I can see it in the packaging of the sample or searching online (,, Happi, etc).

3. Creating Starting Formula, from the LOI, I can make starting formula. With the help from literature (Cosmetic & Toiletry Formulation, 2nd Edition Vol.1), web-online (,, HAPPI) also from the suppliers (Merck, Avantchem, Dwipar Loka Ayu).

4. Making Prototypes & Revising, from my frugal lab, I tried to make the prototypes & revising, in small batches fist may be 25 g.  I devided into 2 steps, the first making prototypes with the texture resembles the product & next try to matching the color of the product.

5. Testing the formula to the consumers, this is the last step. I think in this case I will need a favor from my family, my colleagues & friends to get their reactions.

I admit that I still in the process of learning before getting proficient or getting expert in this formulation.

andriantoangkadirjo85 bottom line

– It is really an excellent opportunitiy for me (beginning cosmetic scientist) to develop my formulating skills. A great chance to have more experience working with a variety of raw materials.

– I think it’s extremely difficult to become expert in all product area. May be I got to focus, whether in make up, cleansing (hair care & toiletries) , skin care, perfumes or sun care.

Have you any comments? Just write down. Thank you!


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