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A Frugal Lifestyle..

Posted by andriantoangkadirjo85 on March 19, 2011


This is just another Spend Less…Save More… article.  It is apparently that Spend Less…Save More…. is a very great motto. It is really the easiest way to ensure our financial security in the future. A frugal lifestyle is just another example of this Spend Less…Save More….

What is a frugal lifestyle really mean? It means controlling spending by not living flamboyantly and doing as much as possible for yourself. Here just some very common sense tips to live frugally that anyone can do :

– Cutting your family’s hair.

– Making your own toys & clothes for the kids.

– Having a vegetable garden.

– Never eating out.

– Seeing movies at the second run theater.

– Taking advantage of free local entertainment instead of pricey venues.

– Driving older cars.

– Buying second hand furniture or refinishing existing furniture.

– Living in a modest sized house in an older neighborhood.

– Wearing out clothes instead of buying new every season.

– Completely eliminated credit card & other consumer debt.

Ooops, don’t make a harsh criticism… I think all this tips are good. But every tip won’t apply to every situation, so take what applies and let the rest fly. Like mine, used to go to barbershop, now I let my wife do the cut & it was not bad. For people with limited assets, they need to build something so they can move on to more substantial financial planning.

Well, all this saving money doesn’t do a bit good without some sort of saving plan. First of all, I just emphasize of avoiding HIGH YIELD INSTRUMENTS (such as stocks, future trading, offshore funds, etc).  It would be a tragic, that after living frugally and saving money, at last the money was gone because of HIGH YIELD INSTURMENTS. The stategies include :

– Having a percentage of your paycheck deposited into a saving account every payday.

– Buying a money market fund eg. CP, bond (no stocks) for a short time.

– Once enough cash has saved up, BUY AN ASSET !!! It could be a property, land or gold.

– Buy insurance just for our retirement witholding (usually got life insurance as bonuses).

I’m still struggling right now, as many people are today and haven’t figure out better financial condition yet. But I got optimism, by Spending Less..Save More..sooner or later I will be able to build up my financial condition.

andriantoangkadirjo85 bottom line

WATCH OUR SPENDING so as to free up more money for savings.

– Should HAVE GOOD SAVING PLAN for the saving money.


So, what do you think about this posting? If you like, you can write a comment below.


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