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Posted by andriantoangkadirjo85 on June 11, 2011

Hi everyone!

How’s your day ? Hope everything is fine. My daily routinity now make me unable to do exercise regulary as it used to be. In the morning, I shuttle my daughter to school (since january 2011) and then I got to go work until evening (since june 2011). As a result, my physical fitness dropped to lowest level..I used to run 1.5 mile in 22′, but now in more than 30..:( We should live in balanced, always aware and be alert!!

Well, you guys already know my motto..SPEND LESS..SAVE MORE.. to weathering tough economic conditions.. and it proved me work well! Now, I want to give another more powerfull motto and I believed will certainly work too..not just in economic but cover almost every aspect in life. Awesome! Here’s the motto : IF YOU KNOW THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.. yup ..title of this post. Some of you probably already know. This is what our Lord Jesus told in John 8 verse 32. I, myself, knew this for long time either. But just after having religious personal experience in mid’s 2009 that I can detect the essential of this verse. Believe me, take this motto  and apply in your life..the result will enormously amazing!

Actually, there are many2 truths in this world but I wanna give just one truths. In this posting I give it, prepared with many examples, hopefully I will finish this writing as soon as posible.


The point is no one in this world is living without problem! When you have a problem now, understand this truth, I believe you will have a better view about your problem and you’ll see the way out either. Examples :

1. Right now you live with your mother/father in law. Very soon, you’ll encounter many disagreements/dislikes eg. you don’t like her being so busy with her stuff in the kitchen all day long, you don’t like her being so disorganized, disordered, lack of organization in the house, you don’t like her being so ignorant, you don’t like see her often go to church but her life doesn’t reflect any of it. To be true is that THE THIEF IS STEALING SOMETHING FROM YOU (your peace, happiness) then THE THIEF IS GONNA KILLING (kill your relationship with your mother-in-law), last THE THIEF IS GONNA DESTROY (there will be a quarrel, dispute than..many bad/worse/worst things can happen). Now, just realize this solution : I HAVE COME SO THAT YOU MAY HAVE LIFE AND MAY HAVE IT ABUNDANTLY ! Just come to Jesus, and tell Him that you believe He can give you life and live an abundantly life.

2. You always have many negative thoughts about your wife. She’s not beautiful, not comparable to your previous spouse, bad-tempered, bring bad-luck, disorganized & disordered in house/child care, regret marrying her, etc. Wake up man! Realized! It’s obvious that THE THIEF IS STEALING, KILLING & DESTROYING YOU NOW! Just come to Jesus right away. Ask Him to give you life and tell Him you want to live an abundant-life.

3. You’re an employee and so far, your salary is not enough till the end of month. You always panic, hope someone give/lend the money, owe money from credit card, depressed, very sensitive/highly tempered to your wife & children, etc. This economy problem is one of the thief’s tools to STEAL AND TRY TO KILL & DESTROY. Just ask Jesus. Tell Him that you want a life and live in abundantly.

4. The world recession definitely make many people jobless, homeless, divorce, etc. This economy problem (recession) is one of thief’s tools, but apply to massive scale so will impact many people. But the point is the same. The thief is stealing, killing and destroying so many people. When you’re one of these victims, quickly realized this and fix this. How? By asking Him to bring life to you and for sure, He will give it immediately to you..abundantly!

5. You’re a wife and your husband cheat you on another woman! You’re depressed, angry, heart broken, what? Just knowing this truth! The thief is definitely stealing from you, killing you and last destroying you.. Don’t give up!! You know how to fix it! Tell Him you want your life’s back, you want to live it abundantly! And see what’s gonna come to you..

6. You have great fam, well job, friends. You enjoy your life so much. But suddenly you fell sick. The world change 180 degrees. Just realize this, that health is also one of thief’s tool. The thief just want to steal, kill and destroy you! Just realize this promptly!! And fix it! Just tell Jesus, you want your life’s back and you want to live it abundantly! Just believe and wait..see what’s gonna happen!

7. You’re woman on 30th+ years old, still single. You broke your heart several times and just desperate to find your soul mate. Although you have friends, good job but it seems meaningless to you. Just realize this! That falling in love is also another thief’s tools. By this, the thief steal (your youth, happiness, spirit to live), killing (your hope, future) and destroy (your life). Just realize this. Ask Him to give you life so you can live abundantly!

8. You lost your money! You got duped and lost your savings! It seems the world ended! Don’t give up! There’s a truth here! That the thief by all his tools just try to steal, kill and destroy. And this time it worked on you, maybe others too. Just fix it, simply by telling Jesus that you want life, and you want to live abundantly. So simple. Just believe it would work!

9. Being lack of knowledge, than you lost or fail in your life. Don’t give up. This world is just full of trickery things..investment, home-loan, car-loan, credit card, etc. And the thief use your ignorance to steal, kill and destroy you. When you experience this..just know this truth. Ask Him to bring back your life and that you want it abundantly.

If you have comment just write down below. Thanks!

andriantoangkadirjo85 bottom line 

– No one is living without problem. But if you know the truth, life will be so simple. Cause by knowing the truth, we know why this happen & automatically know the way out/solution either. 


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